Monday, July 27, 2009

Fishing Field, Cat Ba, Vietnam

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Cat Ba - the pearl island is the well-known archipelago in the whole country with a spectacular array of sea and island scenery, it covers an area of 20,000ha in the North-East of Hai Phong. It takes about one hour by high speed ferry to go to the island, or by land it is about 60 km passing 2 ferries, you will easily reach the pearl island. In the spacious sea, we suddenly see a tropical jungles.

Cat Ba Island was probably the veer off reading from Cac Ba (women) by the local people. Legend has it that in the alien war resistance, all the men were in the front lines to fight so now known as Cac Ong Island (Mennnns Island) and women stayed behind to deal with the cooking so this island is now called Cac Ba Island (Womennnns Island) Nature here is till wild. Mountain, forest, sea, spring, hill, valley, sandbank, grotto are intertwined creating many practically interesting beauty spots. Some big grottos such as Trung Trạng which can contain hundreds of people. Hung Son Grotto or known as Quân Y (Hospital of army) as there existed a field hospital inside it during the war. Cat Co, Cat Tiên, Cat Đa Bong, Cat Dua beaches are small, beautiful with white and pure yellow sand, the front looking to the immense sea, the back and the two sides look like a great wall. To reach the bathing beach , one must climb the mountain or go through a tunnel. The primitive forest here reserving many rare animals and plants which are under the Stateeees protection has been named the National Park. Driving in the clear and blue sea water in Cat Ba you can see clearly the grotto, coral reefs, living creatures in the stone gorge at the seabed. Cat Ba was officially recognized by UNESCO as the International Biosphere Reserve in 2005.


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