Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cards Full Of Life

A Message from "Cards Full Of Life" Campaign


UNICEF cards are full of life. Why? Because when you send a UNICEF card you change the lives of children all over the world!

Let’s celebrate Cards Full of Life 60th anniversary together and remind everyone how wonderful it is to send and receive a card from your loved ones and at the same time help the children in need.

On November the 26th we have sent 1.000 cards to travel around the world and spread the message - helping is easy with UNICEF cards!

Everyone can join us by registering a card on our website and sending it to his friend. Don’t keep the card to yourself! Send it forward and let it travel around the world.

We have made first move. Now it’s your turn! Get a card and join the chain! Learn more.

Don’t hesitate! Send a card full o life!


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